Welcome to Papercraft and Pizza

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

Why Papercraft and Pizza? Well, what two pastimes could be better? Obviously I wouldn’t combine the two at the same time…… that would be really messy!

I started my craft journey many years ago when I used to sew cross-stitch, and, although the results were always impressive and the cards I did for family were always very well received and appreciated, (to this day both my Mother and Mother-in-Law still have many of these cards on display) I found the process to be so very time consuming.

When I became a mother to two lovely boys (now both young men) unfortunately, cross-stitch fell by the wayside. I then took to using my sewing machine a little more for small projects, but no larger projects were undertaken (although I would like to make a quilt at some point in the future).

I started to become increasingly unhappy with the choice and quality of greeting cards available on the high street, so I started making my own several years ago, using a small selection of paper punches, later becoming familiar with die cutting then leading to stamping and heat embossing. I also like to make my own gift boxes and bags and more recently I have made a few mini albums and would like to make more in the future.

I like to inspire creativity and have even got my husband making the odd Christmas and Mother’s Day card in recent years!

Thank you for your interest in my blog, and I hope you will visit again soon.

Angela x

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