Pizza Time

Having 2 boy’s and a hungry husband, after a hard day of crafting, there’s nothing like rewarding their patience with a good, homemade, pizza….

These are just a sample of what we create…..

My Basic Pizza Dough Recipe:

1 teaspoon of Dried Yeast   (I use Doves Farm)

1 lb 3 oz Plain Flour  (I use any brand for this – it does not need to be strong flour)

1 teaspoon Salt   (I use Low Salt)

1 teaspoon Sugar  (I use an alternative, either Canderel or Splenda)

2 tablespoons of Olive Oil or Flora Cuisine  (both work equally well)

9½ fluid ounces of warm water  (measure carefully – any more and the dough will be too moist)

I use a breadmaker to make my dough, putting all ingredients into the pan in the order shown above (my machine is a Panasonic). On my machine there is a Pizza dough setting which takes 45 minutes, but even if you have another brand machine, you will be fine as long as you use a dough mixing programme.  I have previously used this recipe with other brand breadmakers too with the same result.

Our Favourite Toppings.

We begin by using a nice tomato puree and spread a layer across the entire pizza base

Add a cheese of your choice – don’t stick to the conventional, experiment, it makes it more fun especially for the younger ones

With each of us liking different things, our toppings can vary and you can include:

Shredded Tuna or other fish (Tinned works good)

Sliced Mushrooms (fresh or tinned)

Fresh Sliced Tomatoes/Onions/Chillies

Minced Beef or Bolognaise Mix

Sliced Pepperoni

Dried herbs/spices to suit your liking

How we cook these.